Fatou. Shade cannot kill a dragon.18.


Hair porn

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#can your hair not

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can you guys please make du’a for my grandma

she’s recovering from her blood infection and is experiencing severe pain after getting her g-tube removed

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"The whole manner of Hepburn versus the relatively down-to-earth manner of Tracy and yet you sensed almost from the beginning that they would somehow get together, because of this contrast, because of the fact that there was something in each of them that saw something in the other and it developed. And sometimes it developed in odd ways, which is part of the charm and part of the fun." 

Rudy Behlmer

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Honestly, Naomi is a very humbling diva. She doesn’t complain and talk about what she deserves. She actually WORKS to EARN what she wants in her career. Divas say they deserve a title shot, but they don’t even put in half the work she does.”

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Nicki has no chill

Nicki cold she aint have to do him like that

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yell it from the rooftops

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my hands are actually quite small

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